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book review: The Abstinence Teacher (14-Feb)

Posted on 2011.04.25 at 15:16
In looking for author's to recommend to a friend who usually reads pretty highbrow stuff (no Twilight for her!) I remembered an author whose stuff I always enjoyed, Tom Perrotta. I have read nearly everything he's done and as a bonus, liked all the movies that have been based on his books! Double score! In looking through his past stuff, I realized that I hadn't read this book yet, so I immediately requested it.

Unfortunately, this is probably my least favorite of his books up to now. Just not enough happened on the page and too much happened "in the past". Women teaches sex ed in a local school that an outside religious group is gaining more influence in the town and wants to change the class. Of course, the women fights for it and ultimately fails. She is divorced and starts to crush on her daughters soccer coach until she realizes that he is part of the religious group. Stuff happens and they become friends anyway. Oddly, it's not what you think!!! There are lots of 2nd tier characters and smaller stories in the book as well, but they don't have a lot to do with the main story, they just enhance the main characters.

I don't know, I mean, the book was better then most that I read, but compared to the other stuff I have read from the same author, I would recommend some of his other titles.

Grade: C

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