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book review: Based Upon Availability - (18-Feb)

Posted on 2011.04.26 at 16:34
Another one of those simple stories where it's the location that all the characters have in common, not each other.
Story takes place in a hotel and half the book was about the hotel manager and her personal life and dealing with co-workers as well as clients at the hotel. All the other stories were also about girls too, a co-worker, a client, family. It was interesting how it all connected, which I hate to fall into that trap, but I like stories like that. I like that it isn't totally obvious how the characters connect when you first start each chapter or section but by the end it revels it or you can guess before the revel. I like trying to guess.

A simple read, but I like stuff about hotels as my sister used to work at one, so it's interesting to learn the ins and outs out of something you rarely see behind the scenes of. This book wasn't too detailed and of course, it is a work of fiction, so who knows what really could be real or not.

Grade: C

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