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book review: How Did You Get This Number? (26-Feb)

Posted on 2011.05.05 at 11:52
When I first picked up this book, I was like, have I read this before? I get all confused when I pick up anthologies where every chapter is different because there isn't a fluid story for the whole book that I can follow. And this was one of them. But unlike the anthologies that I have picked up lately, where I haven't enjoyed them very much, just tolerated them as I don't have to pay much attention, I liked this one a lot! I think it was mainly because of the writer and how she writes. Very simply, which is my favorite and kind of conversational, except that she is only having a conversation with herself, which is how I write (see this blog).

While every chapter was different and I didn't have to follow anything, I still paid close attention. Too bad I can't remember much of it now. There was a chapter on how she can't tell directions, which was actually very interesting as someone who is pretty excellent with directions. Usually something like this would piss me off so the fact that I actually liked it and found it interesting, tells you something about the book. Another chapter I remember is about her trip to Alaska. It sounds so crazy up there, I totally want to visit now. I wish she would write a whole book about her travels in Alaska. That is how interesting it is. Totally adding this authors stuff to my list.

Grade: C+++++++++++++++++++

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