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book review: Unbearable Lightness (12-Feb)

Posted on 2011.04.22 at 11:34
This is Portia de Rossi's autobio. Way different from your typical celeb bios as this one was very focused on her sexuality and eating disorders, especially the eating. Of course, in your typical celeb bios, blame the parents to a degree! Her mother kept telling her to loose weight and she wasn't skinny enough. Gee, I wonder what that is going to do to a kid! We are all nervous when we start something new, who isn't? She talked a lot about her time on Ally McBeal and how "good" she was always trying to be. The not eating gave her a sense of control in a world were she was constantly being judged and that was the one thing she could control. Typical.

I was meh on this story. Would be good if you can relate to it, which I can not, which is probably a good thing. Definitely a different read from what I am used too, which is good.

Grade: C

book review: Sugar and Spice (10-Feb)

Posted on 2011.04.21 at 17:01
The final book in Lauren Conrad's series! Cricky, what even happened? As with books like these, all I know is that everyone lived happily ever after. The girls were pretty strong in this one and finally took no bullshit from anyone and just did there own thing, which was really nice to read. You didn't even care about the villains anymore because they were just so weak and wasteful, you knew they weren't going to go anywhere this late in the series. Everything wrapped up a little too neatly, as they tend to do in books like this, but what can you do. What else do you expect from YA books? Either way, a good beach read. Something to totally pick up (or borrow) for summer.

Hey, it could have been worse.

Grade: C

book review: Room (8-Feb)

Posted on 2011.04.20 at 15:11
I am on a total roll with super creepy books about women lately. This always happens. I accidentally pick up books that have a sort of common theme for a few weeks and then switch themes. I don't even mean too! Or maybe it's just the crappy high school in me, the whole "compare and contrast" thing we always had to do, which I hated. Oy. The shit that stays with you.

Anyway, this book was ALSO about a women who gets abducted by a crazy man and is held hostage for years before she and her son escape. They are stuck in a room, the only Room the kid as ever known, so when he goes into the real world, it's crazy for him. The story was told from his point of view, which was kind of interesting, but the way he "spoke" pissed me off so much, he didn't use certain tenses for words and after a while, I just had to gloss over it and change everything in my head or else I would go crazy. So once, I got past that, it was better. The book is still super weird and crazy. Once again, only pick up if you are in the mood for creepy and crazy. An interesting read, but I was spent after this marathon of weak women and crazy men. Made me so glad I am alone!

Grade: C

book review: Skippy Dies (2-Feb)

Posted on 2011.04.19 at 12:11
Christ, this book took me forever and a day to read. The pages where so thin, so from the outside, it didn't look any longer then like 3-400 pages, but it was nearly (or more?) then 700 pages! Christ. Luckily, there was lots of dialogue, so that moved it a long well. But throw in too many characters and a plot that was all over the place in my book, and it was a total letdown. Plus, it took place in like Ireland or something and that is not a good thing. The language was all over the place too. I don't even know what to say. Meh.

Grade: N/A

book review: Safe Haven (31-Jan)

Posted on 2011.04.15 at 14:06
I am on a (kind of horrible) roll of picking up books with timid girls and abusive boys. This is the 2nd (of 3) that I picked up and read right in a row. Not the best idea when you live alone. But then, it's just a story, it's not real (sort of). This is Nick Sparks latest and while I picked up a lot of his stuff while overseas because it was just wicked easy, this is the first title I have picked up since being home. No idea why I did this title. Well, I do. Because there was an ad for it in EW. Whatevs. I'll add almost anything to my list at some point. Plus, I knew that the wait for this title would be long and oddly, that appeals to me. Anyway, typical Sparks. Girl has run away from abusive husband and starts over in a small town and local man falls for her. About half way through the book, it starts to inter-splice flashbacks, which I liked a lot. Just when the Girl is starting to get comfortable, husband finds her. I totally called how he found her like 10 pages before it actually happened. Go me! Shit ensues and oddly, no one died in this book (well, no one you cared about) which is kind of odd for Sparks as I feel lots of his stories end with star-crossed lovers dying or something. But happy ending!

Meh on the Sparks. Maybe I'll pick more of his stuff up as it is an easy read, but the stories are so super lame, I can't believe a dude writes this stuff.

Grade: C

book review: Still Missing (30-Jan)

Posted on 2011.04.14 at 15:53
Ohmigod, this book creeped the fuck out of me. It was totally like an episode of SVU mixed with Criminal Minds, which I like both, but really need to stop watching. (I'm not.)

Girl gets abducted and held for a year by some crazy person. He rapes her, she has a kid, kid dies, she kills the crazy man when he wants to start raping her again and escapes. That is really when the story begins. Who this guy is and why did he abduct her specifically becomes the rest of the story. I sort of called the end, like right before it happened, thought I didn't want what happen to actually happen, it is still better then what we are made to think happened (did that make any sense?). The story tries to pull you in one direction, but if you watch enough SVU and CM, like I do, you know what they want you to think happens, is totally not going to be it. Sort of like a book version of those shows. So if you like either, pick it up. Especially if you like CM. Otherwise it might freak you out too much. I know I thought about it for a few days after.

Grade: C (+?)

book review: Mockingjay (28-Jan)

Posted on 2011.04.05 at 15:55
The third and final book in The Hunger Games series. While this book was better then the 2nd, it was not as good as the first. I was just too confused at this point with all the names. I don't do well with weird names (big reasons why I don't like "magical"-y books) and this book, by this point is full of them. Plus, I feel like in some parts of the story, time is moving really fast and in others, it slows down a lot. The pacing is all off.

Man, what even happens in this book? Another war? I actually didn't mind some of the details, but just keeping track of who is dead and who is alive, drives me crazy. Characters I didn't think were dead, apparently are. I really need to pay attention more. I am not going to spoil the end, even though I didn't really agree with it, but since I know a lot of people are reading these (or will) I'll keep my mouth shut. Meh, can wait for the movies.

Grade: C

book review: The Summer We Read Gatsby (22-Jan)

Posted on 2011.03.24 at 15:52
Blach, for chick lit this book was totally boring and not up my alley at all. I am sure if I could remember Gatsby or even liked it, I might have like this book more as books like these are just updated versions of the old, but I didn't and don't, so this book and story didn't mean much to me. Takes place in a short time out in the Hamptons with a Girl and her much older half sister and they have to deal with their dead aunt's house. Friends and parties and all things Hampton-y are thrown in, but I kind of skimmed the whole thing. Girls hook up and then has to leave at the end of the summer. Oh the horrors! Heaven's the Betsy, what happens now? I don't care.

Grade: D+

book review: Fragile (22-Jan)

Posted on 2011.03.23 at 14:48
I totally forgot what this book was about, but once I looked up the recap on Amazon, I totally remember now. A family, small town drama-thriller for those with a less attention span then I. Family with a son who seems to be going all rocker-emo and dating a "bad" girl in town. Girl disappears and the town is flashed back to memories of a similar situation 20 or so years ago. The stories go back and forth between the times. Plus, throw in a mentally and abusive family in town and you have nothing too special, but just a good read.

It was a current book in that Facebook was a big part of discovering what happened to the Girl today. The Boy and his family use it to figure out if she ran away or was abducted. Plus, the intertwine of the older story and it turns out the man who was in jail for the crime (and later committed suicide, so he is gone anyway) didn't do it, but through all this, who really did it comes to light. Nothing was really a surprise in this book, you just keep reading to see how it's all going to unfold.

Nothing great, nothing boring. Just a plain fiction read.

Grade: C

book review: Suck It Wonder Woman (16-Jan)

Posted on 2011.03.22 at 14:52
I like reading books about people I think I like, but don't know much about. When Olivia Munn showed up on THE DAILY SHOW, I was like, man, she looks familiar, she's been in stuff before. And she had, but oddly nothing I had seen. I am a nerd (compared to the rest of my family) but I had never turned on G4 before (unless BACK TO THE FUTURE was on) and apparently show hosted some show on that channel for years. And it's not until now that she has finally branched out. This book is definitely for people that have been following her career for a while. Not to say I didn't like the book either, but its target are her superfans, of which I am not one.

Anyway, lots about her upbringing, which was kind of interesting considering she is half white, half Asian. I am interested in that combo and find people with that background really interesting. So there is part of it. Plus, her entertainment business-like past. Wasn't very detailed, but no complaints for the over share or lack of. Plus, the way the book was laid out, such an easy ready. I think I jammed through this book in a day or just over. Chapters separated by topic rather then chronological, which always makes it interesting in an autobio. Not a complete waste of time, but only pick up if you think she is funny, which I do.

Grade: C

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