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book review: Perfect - (19-Feb)

Posted on 2011.04.27 at 15:00
Another Pretty Little Liars book that took me FOREVER to read. I actually had it a few months back, the show came back, so I had to return it before I finished it (I hate leaving books in the middle, but what you can do) and when it came up immediately the next time I requested it, I thought I would have longer to read it again. Guess not! And I had to jam through like 1/3 of it in an evening. Not that that is really hard, with a book like this. And of course, I can't remember a thing that happened. Oh! From memory, Toby is dead, gone and buried and not mentioned at all in the book. In this book, Spencer goes crazy!!! I hate perfect girls who go crazy for pretty much no reason, only to make the story more interesting, so that was a lame twist. Emily is all up in arms because her parents want to send her to boarding school or something to turn her away from being a lesbian. Lame. Aria is back with Fitz and nearly gets caught a million times. Stop being so stupid about him! Annoying. Hanna has issues with her other friend Mona, but she is so lame, I totally don't care. God, I really need to stop reading these books, but since they are so easy, it's so hard! I hate leaving a series in the middle. And I do want to find out who A is, if only to trace is backwards. I should just jump to the end, but I am not that lame. Seriously, these books take me like a day or 2 to read. I'll finish them eventually.

Grade: C-

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