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book review: Welcome to My World (27-Feb)

Posted on 2011.05.10 at 14:03
My other Olympic love, Johnny Weir! As much as I love the poise Olympians have, I like his brashness when it comes down to it. Some things he is a total ass and diva about (and I just want to slap him) but at the same time, I totally love what he does. Guess that is his charm.

This book talked a lot about his rise in the ice skating world, just a small part on his personal life and fall out from competing and what or what not does the future hold? Some things he says I totally agree with (like actually sort of "campaigning" to win a medal and being the whole package and not just good on the ice and based on one or two performances) and some things I totally don't (demands his own room, when everyone else shares (get over yourself!) and wearing a Russia jacket at an international competition (domestic, fine, everyone knows everyone is from the US, but yeah, If you are out there to represent one country, don't go wearing something from another!)).

I always wondered why J didn't participate in ice dancing, as I think he would be much better at it, but this book didn't really answer that question. All I know is that he is done with the olympics and moving on to the next stage. And I will keep an eye on him all the way. I love his tv show too! Can't wait for new episodes to start!

Grade: C

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